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Sway Water is crafted with REAL FRUIT, and is committed to the highest standards of quality; from off the tree, into the bottle, and all the way to you.

We began Sway Water as an attempt to create a beverage for friends and family during the long, hot Texas summers. We had one goal in mind, to produce a better product, one that was refreshing and hydrating. A product free from preservatives, loads of sugar, and all that artificial yuckiness. Our team began crafting and combining as many flavors as we could think of... have you ever had spicy habanero water... because we have. And after many trials and lessons learned, we are here! We have crafted a set of REAL GOOD products that we are very proud of and are happy to share with y'all!

Helping to take care of our environment by partnering with 1% For the Planet


Our Juice

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