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Did you Sway today?

Sway Water infused still and sparkling water made with a twist of real, organic fruit. Sway Water has one mission: to make a great-tasting, refreshing and hydrating product accessible to everyone. We are very proud to offer a product free from preservatives, added sugar, and any artificial naturals, created in Austin, TX.

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Sway Water is crafted with real fruit: from the tree, into the bottle and all the way to you.


Natural vs. Real

Did you know products labeled with "Natural Flavors" may contain 50 to 100 ingredients, solvents and preservatives, or be manufactured in a lab?

Real, organic fruit and purified water. As simple as it gets. 


Sway Ingredients list

By using glass bottles and partnering with 1% for the Planet, Sway Water strives to make a positive impact on our environment. 

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100% Recyclable 

Recycling glass is easy, and glass containers returned for recycling help to make new glass bottles and jars. Recycling glass has big environmental payoffs. It saves raw materials, lessens demand for energy, and cuts CO2 emissions. 


Use & Reuse

You can reuse glass containers since they don't pose harmful risks to environmental or personal health. They don't leach potentially harmful chemicals when in contact with food.


Sway Water continues to take care of our environment by partnering with 1% For the Planet


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